Overhead Door Safety

Do you wonder what it would be like to be hit with a ton of bricks from out of nowhere? Me, neither. Although seeing it in cartoons might have been amusing to me as a child, in reality to see such a thing would be horrific, and the farthest thing from those Saturday morning cartoons. This is why I feel that overhead door safety needs to be addressed and brought to the forefront of awareness. Your overhead door is not something that is necessarily what you think of in your daily life, but we here at Leo’s Overhead Doors feel very strongly about safety and quality when it comes to the operation of all overhead doors that we come in contact with on a daily basis.

Your overhead door might as well be a ton of bricks if those springs ever gave way and let the door come down in free-fall. Believe me, a garage door in free-fall is not something you ever want to encounter. It will crush anything in its path – you, your car, your children, pets, garbage cans, nothing that is under the door at the time will be spared. It is of monumental importance that your door be in good working order, lubricated, with parts and springs in optimal condition, as well as the opener and its safety components and connections, including photo eyes. All of these parts must be maintained, installed correctly, and in the right places for your safety and that of your family and possessions. The photo eyes of your door should be located no more that 6 inches off the ground to ensure its proper operation, and they have built-in fail-safes to let you know they are working correctly- usually a red or green light. The photo eyes interact with the ceiling mounted operator as well, so if the operator begins to act differently all of a sudden, it’s possible that the photo eyes are relaying a message to the opener indicating that there may be a problem interfering with the door’s safe operation. An overhead door technician should be called immediately. The overhead door itself should be balanced and lubricated. Your overhead door is engineered to operate safely if the hinges, cables, springs, drums, and other parts are in the correct places and in good working order.

Please call us at 518-274-4455 if you have any doubts at all about the safety and working order of your overhead door, or if you have outdated or improperly functioning/located safety equipment. Leo’s Overhead Doors will always go above and beyond to ensure all of our clients’ safety.


Feast: Response to the daily prompt

So, today’s daily prompt being the word “Feast” got me to thinking about what usually follows that word, which is “…or Famine.” In today’s world, this old saying truly still applies to a lot of things. Upstate NY is not known for its particularly good economy, and I don’t believe it is a stretch to say that businesses in NY are not exactly thriving as of late. Here we all are, family businesses, struggling like everyone else to continue to make ends meet. Pizzerias, laundromats, pharmacies, mechanic shops, repair shops, and more. We continue to be here, day in and out, because we are proud of what we contribute to take care of our clients and our families. We are experts in our fields, having done what we do for years, now, through the feasts and famines of our lives, the ups and the downs. We know what to expect, generations of us have gone through the ups and downs. Our community is so familiar, and that is so rare these days. The small town where everyone knows everything about everyone from generations back is truly a remarkable thing. Together we have weathered so much. It is important to know and acknowledge that we are special in today’s world – a world that is marred by violence and hatred. We are still here, and we will continue to work for ourselves and our families, to do good and return again to times of feasting and plenty. Throughout it all, we hold steadfast to who we are, through thick and thin, through feast and famine.

Here is the link to the daily prompt: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/feast/

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Choosing a garage door company-Why Leo’s?

Leo’s Overhead Doors wants to be the company that you remember in the Capital Region and vicinity when you need service on your overhead door. That is a big, big responsibility that we do not take lightly here at Leo’s Overhead Doors. Think about it, your overhead door is (likely) the largest, heaviest moving part of your residential home or commercial building, weighing in at hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds. It takes monumental effort to move that door or set of doors every day. Those metal springs take a lot of tension, and must be in good working order for the safety of your family and/or coworkers. Metal springs, door hardware, and other parts of your door are subjected to salt, rot, corrosion, metal fatigue and abuse that is common in the Northeast because of the change of seasons and temperatures. This is why we urge you to consider these following points when your door, parts, or springs have reached their end and you are looking to hire someone to fix them:


Hire a company that holds the right amount of insurance for the unplanned. Leo’s Overhead Doors carries not just the right amount of insurance, but we cover our liability & employees’ health and safety correctly and lawfully, our commercial vehicles, our building, residential and commercial work, and more.


Make sure that the company you hire regularly offers warranties on their labor and parts above and beyond what the manufacturer will warranty. You never know until it is too late, and you never want to guess wrong when you need your door covered. Leo’s offers a 30 day warranty on residential repairs and labor. On all new residential overhead door installations, Leo’s Overhead Doors offers a 1 year warranty on our parts of doors & door operators and 6 months on labor from the installation date, in addition to the applicable manufacturer’s warranty. Commercial warranties are offered as well; clients are welcome to call our office at 518-274-4455 to discuss.


Please, please ensure that the company you hire has a longstanding reputation in the service area, and is not some fly-by-night operation that will appear out of nowhere just to disappear when you need a followup. In addition, unlike big box stores, Leo’s Overhead Doors is a smaller family owned company and we will treat our clients like individuals. Leo’s Overhead Doors has a nearby physical location that clients are more than welcome to visit, and we take pride in our presence in the community. We have been here since 1966, and this year we are celebrating our 50th year in business. We have maintained positive and mutually beneficial relationships with our vendors, suppliers, and clients for years, enabling our clients to benefit from our longstanding presence in the community. A company like ours will make great effort in making sure our customers’ needs are met not just now but for years to come.



Our company will do what we say we will do, in writing, every time, and finish what we start. We also maintain a 24/7/365 help line for emergency service, so that we are here for our clients whenever you need us, with honesty and integrity.


Our servicemen have generations in the door servicing industry, with some individual technicians having over 30 years in the field. This much experience and education works to our clients’ advantage, as we can offer all kinds of solutions to varying needs. Overhead door work is what we do & what we specialize in, all day, every day. From highly specialized and regulated commercial fire doors with heavy duty industrial grade operators, to overhead doors on a trailer or truck, or a car garage door in a home, or retail metal shutters or rollups, we can repair, replace, or maintain it.

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Industry Certification

Leo’s Overhead Doors is the only local door company accredited by the International Door Association, and we operate by (and sometimes above) their voluntary Code of Business Conduct. The Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation, or IDEA, offers an accreditation program for door companies to become recognized in the industry for a commitment to quality, education, and professionalism. Leo’s Overhead Doors is the only company within 99 miles of the Capital Region to be certified through this program. In order to achieve this accreditation, our company has to demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of various facets of the door industry and have a high level of commitment to a higher code of business standards. Learn more at www.dooreducation.com.


Leo’s Overhead Doors stands by our word and our work, and we invite you to give us a try, day or night, rain, snow, or shine. As a Troy-based family-run company, we know what it is like to hire contractors. We want the job done right the first time when we have a need, so we want to be the same to our clients. Your garage door deserves the best. You can really take no chances when it comes to its safe and efficient operation. The technicians here at Leo’s Overhead Doors go above and beyond to deliver the quality we are known for, both residential and commercial. So when you need your overhead door working correctly, whether it is old, corroded, or damaged, or just want a new enhanced look for your home’s curb appeal to remove that outdated and unattractive original door, or just need a new remote transmitter or operator, give us a call. We will be here!